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    Monsters Dance Music is the epitome of a project grown organically thru a community of like-minded, yet incredibly diverse individuals. MDM was a natural progression of Monsters of HipHop Dance Convention’s mission of creating real career opportunities for dancers. Dancers are not just movers, they are artists; they are the music manifested in real life.


    After over a decade of providing an environment for thousands of dancers to develop and train, and seeing countless passionate individuals turn their dreams into reality, Monsters founders, Andy and Becky Funk, expanded their mission to aspiring music artists. They believed that many dancers’ talents far exceed 8-counts in a classroom. They are the definition of artists and should be developed as such. And the Funks were’t the only ones to notice this about Monsters dancers. Major record label, SONY, recently contracted with Monsters to scout for talent at Monsters events.


    To jump start this new endeavor, the Funks collaborated with long time faculty members, Chonique Sneed and Luther Brown, along with Music Creator KO the Legend, on the label’s first record, “Let It Go”. “Let It Go” started as a passion project and has gone on to reach millions all over the world. The song has secured eight license agreements and was the catalyst to the launch of Monsters Dance Music as a viable independent music label.


    The goal of providing new music with meaning for the dance community quickly expanded to changing the current music video scene by bringing audiences back to a time when music videos mattered. To do so, the MDM team brought in renowned Janet Jackson choreographer, Shawnette Heard and her LA-based company Spittn Image, to produce the “Let It Go” music video, which has drawn comparisons to iconic videos of the past from artists like Missy Elliott. MDM’s next video for Sneed’s new song, “On My Time” follows suite.


    Monsters Dance Conventions and Monsters Dance Music are quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for the entertainment industry. Award-winning artistic and creative direction, choreography, video and event production, artist development and of course, the most sought-after dancers in the world are all things that Monsters brings to the table.



    Chonique Sneed

    Chonique Sneed, a true renaissance woman in every sense of the word, has been entertaining the masses since she was a little girl. She’s used her insurmountable talent to help everyone from Kevin Hart to Jay-Z enhance their visual aesthetic, and now it’s Chonique’s time to shine.

    Official Artist Page

    A Hunnit

    Aaron “A100” Sutton is a 15 year old emcee and producer from Baltimore Maryland signed to Monsters Dance Music. A100’s musical ear, clever writing talent, and love for music makes him a reckoning force that will surely make a mark in this industry.

    Official Artist Page

  • Let It Go

    Chonique Sneed

    On My Time

    Chonique Sneed


    Chonique Sneed


    Chonique Sneed


    A Hunnit


    A Hunnit


    Take a look at some of our projects!

    Official Music Video for Single


    Creative Director Shawnette Heard

    Produced by Monsters Dance Music

    Official Music Video for Single

    "ON MY TIME"

    Creative Director Shawnette Heard

    Produced by Monsters Dance Music

    Official Music Video for Single


    Directed by Crishon Jerome & Becky Funk

    Produced by RealityLVN & Monsters Dance Music

    Official Music Video for Single

    "LET IT GO"

    Creative Director Luther Brown

    Produced by Monsters Dance Music


    Remix Produced by SPNCR

    Official Lyric Video for Single

    "ON MY TIME"

    Shot with dancers from

    Monsters Dance Advanced & Industry classes!

    "LET IT GO" makes its way to TV!

    Hailee & Fik-Shun perform Monsters Dance Faculty Luther Brown's choreography to Let It Go on the SYTYCD stage!

    "LET IT GO" on the big screen!

    New Zealand is letting it go! Featured in the new BORN TO DANCE film with Monsters Dance Faculty Parris Goebel and the Royal Family.

    Official Fan Appreciation Video

    Thanks to all the dancers out there who #LETITGO!

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